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OnPace Acrylic Enamels
#64ER20015, #64E200, #64ER10478
64E Series Premium Acrylic Enamel system was developed for exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, high gloss and premium appearance. 64E Enamel can be used with or without 46K001 (U-99) Urethane Catalyst to provide for an even tougher film.

SATIN BLACK: $59.75/gallon
GLOSS BLACK: $59.75/gallon
FORD TRUCK WHITE: $59.75/gallon
U-99 URETHANE CATALYST: $19.95/pint
To prevent costly refinishing, all application procedures should be tested under ambient conditions to ensure compatibility, adhesion, and product appearance.  We recommend the use of proper personal protection equipment for all preparation and coating processes, along with proper ventilation and all other safety requirements necessary to comply with local regulations. We offer a number of these products on our online store. 
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