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Wood Coatings
OnPace FS has what you need to Finish Ahead of the Competition. 
Whether it's stains, precat or postcat lacquers, conversion varnishes, or UV coatings, we have them all Whether it’s a small project or large production, we offer several different package sizes with very competitive pricing. Our Wood Coatings are all you need.
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Nanochem's Fireproof Wood Protectant
Nanochem fireproof wood coating
Nanochem’s 9961W0.001.1 Waterbased Flame Retardant passed the requirements for Class A Fire Rating, as per the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code, NFPA No. 101. Our product was tested and given this flame rating at Intertek Testing Services on December 18, 2012.

9961W0.001.1 WB Fire Retardant is a non-flammable and non-regulated product, and is HAPS free.
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