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1200 Air Cure
This single part air cured coating is the product of our proprietary single component water-based polyurethane resin system. It takes only 80 minutes for this coating to cure at near-room temperature levels, producing a hard but flexible layer. This coating is perfect for all plastics, rubber, and other delicate materials that cannot be subjected to the high temperatures of typical curing processes.

1201F Flat Black
1201S Satin Black
1202F Flat OD Green
1202MS Mil-Spec OD Green
1203F Flat Grey
1203LF Light Flat Grey
1204F Flat Dark Earth
1204MCM Light Tan
1204MS Mil-Spec Tan
1205F Flat Service Brown
1210F Flat White
1210S Satin White
1214F Flat Royal Blue
1216F Foliage Green
1217F Flat Purple
1219N Neon Pink
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